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Gemalto IDPrime .NET 5500 Card - Qty 1 (SKU: O1011586 (white))

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- Quantity 1
- Biometric support

Availability: In stock


Gemalto IDPrime .NET 5500 Card description:

The Gemalto IDPrime .Net 5500 cards work with the IDGo 5000 Biometric solution and provide a fingerprint match on Card solution for IDPrime  .NET cards. Compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7 and 8.x.

- Fingerprint storage and fingerprint verification performed on-card
- 4 different modes modes for card authentication: PIN only, Fingerprint Only, PIN or Fingerprint, PIN and Fingerprint
- Storage for up to 10 fingerprint templates
- Compatible with standard fingerprint sensors
- Integrated with Microsoft Operating Systems, Microsoft applications and 3rd party applications that support Microsoft's Windows Smart Card Framework (and Windows Biometric Framework of Windows 7 and 8)
- User experience consistent with Microsoft OS
- Compliant with the  Microsoft Minidriver specifications version 7

- Security - Optional Three-Factor Authentication: Token, PIN and Fingerprint
- Security - Biometric credentials securely stored on smart card. Not susceptible to service outages and Man-in-the-middle attacks
- Convenience - Roaming - User can use fingerprints and certificates stored on the card to authenticate on any computer
- Convenience - Fingerprints used instead of the smart card PIN – Easier to use, no forgotten PIN issues - Better user acceptance and adoption
- Privacy - Match performed on the card: Biometric credentials never leave the card
- Non repudiation - User cannot deny having operate the application or the transaction
- Compliancy - Certain countries have regulations preventing storage of biometric data in central repositories.
- Technology - Maturity, accuracy and performance
- Cost-savings - Eliminating expensive and complex password administration.

Gemalto IDPrime .NET 5500 Card specification:

- Windows XP, 7, 8  and 8.1, or Windows Server 2008 R2 and 2012
- Gemalto IDPrime .NET 5500  Bio card, IDGo 800 Minidriver dll and IDGo 5000 Bio software
- Biometric readers drivers from their supplier
- Gemalto does not offer the biometric readers, but has validated the following ones:

 - Precise Biometrics Precise Sense series: Biometric sensor + smart card readers
 - AuthenTech (ex Upek) Eikon TCRD4C and TCS1 to 4 sensors series: Biometric sensors only
 - Zvetco P5500 and P6500 series: Biometric sensor + smart card readers (Windows 8.1 support to be confirmed)
 - Other biometric readers can be tested by Gemalto on request