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Gemalto IDPrime MD 3810 Card - Qty 1 (SKU: 1095608)

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- Quantity 1
- Minidriver enabled PKI smartcards

Availability: In stock


Gemalto IDPrime MD 3810 Card description:

The Gemalto IDPrime MD 3810 is a Minidriver enabled dual interface smartcard.

- Perfect integration in Windows environment, thanks to the IDGo 800 minidriver certified and distributed by Microsoft.
-  Compatible with the IDGo 800 middleware suite, available on Windows, MAC, Linux, Android, iOS.
- The dual interface of IDPrime MD 3810 & MD 3840 offers a compatibility to both ISO standard and NFC standard, already widely deployed with smartphones and tablets.
- Support for Certificate Based and One Time Password based strong authentication
- As reflected by the FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certification and the CC EAL5+ / PP SSCD certification,  the IDPrime MD smartcards implement the most advanced security countermeasures for enforcing protection of all sensitive data and functions in the card.
- Enhanced cryptographic support, with PKI services available with both RSA and Elliptic curves.
- MPCOS applet option for e-purse and data management services.
- Being part of the same smartcards range as IDPrime .NET, IDPrime MD benefit from the wide and long experience of Gemalto with minidriver enabled smartcards.

Gemalto IDPrime MD 3810 Card specification:

- Profile: up to 15 RSA or ECC key containers
- Dual interface (NFC): Yes
- Optional applets: OTP, MPCOS
- Certificate: Java Platform FIPS 140-2 Level 3

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