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HID 205X iCLASS Smart Keys - Qty. 100

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- Quantity 100
- HID 205x iCLASS Smart Keys
- Configurable

Availability: In stock


HID 205X iCLASS Smart Key description:

HID 205X iClass key fobs feature contactless read/write smart chip technology. iCLASS technology was designed by HID to make access control more powerful, more versatile, and more secure.

iClass keys provide iClass 13.56 MHz contactless smart technology in a convenient, molded plastic key fob that is durable in harsh environments. The key fob fits conveniently on a keyring or lanyard and can be printed on with your custom artwork.

The securely separated, multiple files in 205X key fobs allows a single key to be used for diverse applications. The multiple technology features also supports future growth or expansion of how your cards are used.

205X iCLASS Key Fobs are commonly used for:
- Access control
- Cashless vending
- Network log-on security
- Time and attendance
- Vehicle identification
- Biometric verification

HID 205X iCLASS Smart Key specification:

- 100 programmed keys per package
- Convenient 13.56 MHz iClass contactless smart technology in a key fob
- Select 26 bit H10301, 37 bit H10302, or 40 bit C10106 format
- Base model number 2050
- Select key configuration in the Options tab
- Molded plastic enclosure provides durability in harsh environments
- Provides an external number for easy identification and control
- Can be placed on a key ring or clipped to a lanyard for convenient entry

AccessCards 205X iCLASS key fob prices include programming.

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