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HID 202X iCLASS with Prox Cards (Corporate 1000) - PVC - Qty 100

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- Quantity 100
- HID 202x iCLASS with Prox Cards (Corporate 1000)
- Configurable
- Printable

Availability: In stock


HID 202X iCLASS with Prox Cards (Corporate 1000) description:

Designed to make access control more powerful, versatile, and secure, these HID Corporate 1000 iCLASS cards include a contactless smart chip and proximity technology.

The cards are made of 100% PVC material and are available with base model formats HID 2020, HID 2021,HID 2022, HID 2023, and HID 2024. A combination of 125kHz prox technology and 13.56 MHz contactless read/write smart card technology makes up each card. As an option, the cards can include a magnetic stripe, anti-counterfeiting features, and custom printing. Securely separated, multiple files enable numerous applications and support future growth.

HID 202X cards combine both iCLASS & Proximity technology into a single card. Each of these technologies may be programmed with the same information, or with unique information. Additionally, either one or both of these technologies may be programmed in Corporate 1000 format. As the standard, both technologies will be formatted identically, based on the information you provide in the Options tab. Please contact us at (800) 321-4405 for alternate programming.

202X HID Corporate 1000 iClass cards are commonly used for:
- Photo IDs
- Access control
- Cashless vending
- Membership cards
- Biometrics
- Airline ticketing
- Public transportation

HID 202X iCLASS with Prox Cards (Corporate 1000) specification:

- Quantity: 100 programmed cards per package
- Made of 100% graphic-quality PVC material
- Corporate 1000 35 bit format
- 13.56 MHz iClass read/write contactless smart card and 125 kHz proximity technology in one card
- Base model number 2020
- Select your card configuration in the Options tab
- Offers the ability to add a barcode, magnetic stripe, anti-counterfeiting feature, photo ID and/or custom artwork
- Enables integration of contactless smart card and proximity card applications
- Meets ISO standards for thickness for use with direct image and thermal transfer printers
- Standard CR80 size

- AccessCards 2020 iClass Proximity card prices include programming.

Note: Non-configured, non-programmed iClass 2020 cards are no longer available

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